Writing about yourself and your business is hard.

Writing web page copy that converts passive readers into engaged customers is even harder.

And writing a really good blog post in between meetings, emails and interruptions is almost impossible.

That’s where I come in.

Every day, I write copy for businesses and organisations of all sizes, from local one-man-bands to international organisations. (Once, I even wrote some copy from the perspective of a cat.)

But, more importantly, I write copy that works.

I’ve written copy that’s raised over £1.4 million for charity, campaign literature for a general election campaign and email campaigns that have achieved huge open and click-through-rates.

I’ve also created tones-of-voice for businesses that resonate with their customers, written SEO-boosting blog posts, and produced web copy that’s converted passive readers into engaged customers.

Sound good?

If you think your business could benefit from well-written, highly-persuasive copy that speaks directly to the person reading it, why not drop me a line?

Say hello!